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Κριτικές Back to top "Dr. Joseph Mercola has been a shining beacon of health wisdom and freedom for decades. His latest book, Fat for Fuel, is a masterpiece of cutting-edge research and practical application.

This information, if applied, holds the key to sustainable weight loss and enhanced energy. More than that, this lifestyle plan can help reverse chronic illness such as heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer.

As I mentioned in my book, cancer is not likely to occur in people with healthy mitochondria. Mercola has expanded this concept to a broad range of chronic diseases that involve mitochondrial dysfunction.

He provides a clear rationale as well as guidelines for implementation of MMT. This book should be read by anyone interested in maintaining fatal fat loss loss 1 health without toxic pharmaceuticals. Mercola's Fat for Fuel eloquently presents the leading edge of science, exploring how best to power your body.

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This is a life-changing text that not only provides a deep dive into why choosing fat as our primary fuel source powerfully correlates with health and disease resistance, but also delivers in terms of how the reader can easily bring about this fundamentally important change. Health, on a global scale, has suffered profoundly as a consequence of commercially influenced dietary recommendations.

Mercola's science-based fatal fat loss loss 1 of this status quo provides a welcome and compassionate response, allowing readers to regain and maintain optimal health.

Mercola clearly explains the importance of mitochondria for metabolic function and carefully guides his readers fatal fat loss loss 1 detailed practical advice for enhancing their activity. Fat for Fuel will change the way you think about nutrition and your health. Mercola beautifully lays out the history--and the myths--behind the high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet that has been at the root of so fatal fat loss loss 1 illness and death in the last half-century.

Mercola is one of the few who have properly understood and embraced my long-standing belief that one's health and lifespan is mostly determined by the proportion of fat versus sugar one burns over a lifetime.

He also understands that excess protein creates another whole set of health-eroding issues. Anyone who values their health should read this book. But one thing has fatal fat loss loss 1 increasingly evident over the past decade: teaching our bodies to use fat instead of glucose as the main fuel source has immense potential to support patients suffering from some of the most devastating chronic diseases.

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Mercola's Fat for Fuel will be an invaluable resource for me in two ways: personally, because I'm a cancer patient myself striving to create an fatal fat loss loss 1 that will keep my disease at bay, but also professionally as a nutritional therapist. Fat for Fuel will help me inform, educate, and guide my clients.

Mercola understands how food can preserve wellness or destroy it. Boldly challenging old myths about fat, diet, and healing, he gives practical, step-by-step instructions that will empower you to take control of your health whether you are sick and want to get well, or are healthy and want to stay well. Mercola's lifetime of research reaches a crescendo with Fat for Fuel. Every page is a distillation of his genuine passion χάσουν βάρος barrie optimize human health through diet.


With so much conflicting information in the nutrition world, this book serves as fatal fat loss loss 1 critical resource for every physician in training or in practice, and for every person eager to avoid fatal fat loss loss 1 need for those doctors. This is an extremely valuable guidebook for those seeking to understand and implement transformational dietary changes to boost their metabolic and cellular function.

By shifting away from the idea of glucose as the optimal source of energy, Dr. Mercola shows how we can harness the benefits of fat and ketones for clean-burning fuel in the quest for optimal health. At the center of most of those epidemics is the toxic, nutrient-depleted, dysfunctional human cell. And research is now showing us that the most important organelle in that cell contributing to most of these diseases is the mitochondria.

In his book Fat for Fuel, Joe Mercola has given us a practical blueprint for fatal fat loss loss 1 to revive our mitochondria using diet as a powerful foundation, with a few other added simple tools, such as intermittent fasting, exercise, light therapy, and some supplemental nutrients.

Fat for Fuel

Mercola tested the Mitochondrial Metabolic Therapy recommendations he makes in this book on himself, with many months of trials and errors and continuous glucose monitoring.

He also amassed impressive scientific research from the literature to prove what he recommends on these pages.

fatal fat loss loss 1

I highly endorse Fat for Fuel as the most practical do-it-yourself guide available today for people to take back control of their health and resolve chronic illnesses. Lee Cowden, M. Hchairman of scientific advisory board, Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine"Science has already shown that eating fat can make you thin.

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In this pathbreaking book, Dr. Joseph Mercola goes a critical step further, revealing that using fat as your main fuel source can heal your body at a mitochondrial level, restoring energy and well-being and even helping fight cancer and other diseases.

Impeccably researched and passionately argued, Fat for Fuel dispels dangerous myths about 'healthful' diets, reveals truths the food industry won't tell you about the food you eat, and starts you on a path to radically transforming your health. Joe Mercola. Metabolism at its core consists of how our mitochondria utilize nutrients, and Dr.

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Mercola educates his readers on how to choose the nutrients that optimize mitochondrial function. This book will contribute greatly toward our health goals for our entire population as more and more health-care professionals wake up to this understanding of the importance of optimizing mitochondrial metabolism.

Fat for Fuel brings mitochondrial function into the mainstream for the healthy benefit of everyone. William Will LaValley, M.

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Mercola is a deep thinker with a passion for seeking knowledge about the inner workings of the human body and an open mind about the role of successful alternative treatments that have hard evidence behind them. Mercola has a knack for describing difficult scientific concepts in simple and entertaining terms that a non-expert can understand.

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The information he provides is priceless: the result of decades of searching for, and finding, the fatal fat loss loss 1 that will keep you on the path to healthy living. You can't afford not to read this book! Mercola proves once again that he is at the very forefront of natural healing and wellness. With medical science understanding more and more how mitochondrial dysfunction leads to chronic disease, Dr.

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Mercola provides a simple, natural healing plan with this important new book. Mercola is at the forefront of this exciting revolution, and this book gives you both the theoretical fatal fat loss loss 1 and practical suggestions for supporting your mitochondria and regaining better health. I would encourage everyone to read this book and strongly consider following Dr.

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Mercola's many helpful suggestions and guidelines. Backed by a wealth of research, Dr.

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Mercola makes the definitive case that fat, not sugar, is the power source on which our bodies are meant to run, and he outlines what changes we can make in our daily lives to use fat as fuel. KU Integrative Medicine has been waiting for this book!

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Drisko, M. Mercola is one of the most brilliant minds in modern medicine, and he has achieved a true masterpiece with Fat for Fuel.

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The book defies the status quo and reveals the truth behind everything from why fasting is a healthy habit to why you need to become a fat-burning machine. He even shocks us with the details on how iron can negatively impact mitochondrial health you'll be surprised. This book is a must-read if you want to optimize your body and brain while systematically eliminating a host of risk factors for chronic disease.

Mercola's favorite fitness podcast "In a bold voice and in plain language, Dr. Mercola continues his role as nutrition pioneer for America and the world.

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This book will educate, embolden, and empower consumers to take charge of their health destiny. Mercola, pro-health instead of pro-industry, shows us how we can bring in healthy fats and take a number of other key steps to right our own ships. This book should be a wake-up call to spur the medical and dental professions to take nutrition counseling seriously. It gives people the tools and the knowledge to empower themselves and customize their own dietary therapy.

It is an incredible book written by a truly insightful thought leader. My hope is that this book will produce the tipping point leading to needed fatal fat loss loss 1 in our collective thinking about the power of nutrition as medicine. I highly recommend this book! Murray, N.