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When installing various TuningParts which are on the market, it will destroy the Balance of the fuel adjustment of Engine for a while.

  • Damper is incorporated in the attached Primary driven gear to reduce Shock when connecting to Clutch.
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  • κατεβάστε το FirePlus GROM / MSX EASY APK τελευταία έκδοση για συσκευές Android
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This is because the Program which considered the performance of the NORMAL part is in the ECU, and in such a state, Parts honda grom απώλεια βάρους to try to raise the honda grom απώλεια βάρους of the Engine can not demonstrate the performance, in addition to damaging the original Engine performance Sometimes it happens. In the era of Carburetor Honda grom απώλεια βάρους was able to adjust it like Carburetor setting etc.

Mechanical, but in modern InjectionEngine I can not do anything called Setting.

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It also supports your TuningLife with a variety of functions that are useful for Tuning. Since it is a Bluetooth wireless connection, you can operate it easily by using a communication connection to a Smartphone or a PC without using a troublesome cable such as Harness. You can save any number of ignition maps. Using the Smartphone application you can easily honda grom απώλεια βάρους between MAP and setting on the spot. The input value is an advance καλύτερο καύση λίπους cv Retarded angle I want to make Crank angle.

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Advance at low rotation usually tends to cause power down, but it is easy to change 2 degree advance angle etc. The input ignition timing is executed as it is The honda grom απώλεια βάρους value is the angle before the top dead center of the Crank that you want to ignite. In the case of an input value of 10 degrees, it means that the ignition occurs when the Crank angle is 10 degrees before the top dead center.

If you are unlikely to consider Hard Tuning car etc.


It is a function for advanced users. Since dwell time is not related to Axel opening degree, setting is every Engine rotation.

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By changing the setting, the Large ignition power is pulled out. Performance can be fully drawn out. Although it is possible to change the setting even with Normal cord, excessive setting change is caused by magnetic field saturation You can not do CHARGE any more It leads to Coil's heat and it causes Trouble.

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Super high rotation limiter spark ignition limit Also corresponds. In recent years, engine ignition limiter is controlled in addition to fuel injection stop which was used in honda grom απώλεια βάρους conventional vehicle to Engine rotation Limiter. Even if the conventional sub computer uses Limiter cut only for fuel injection, if the limit speed is exceeded, the ECU retards the ignition timing by Large or retards the ignition timing or stops the ignition.

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For this reason, even though it seems that the rotation has increased in the sky, the power does not appear in the ignition retardation area almost like the Graph B curve, so the actual speed does not rise in actual running. The increase can be done in the range of the maximum Large μs. Weight reduction is available in the range of μs at the maximum Large in order to correspond to recent BIGInjector.

It can be easily changed by Smartphone.

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Recommended for Tuning cars of those who place importance on Power and Bore up car etc. Also, depending on how to install O2 feed Back function can be revived.

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Function of O2 Replayer The fine adjustment of Idling became more convenient from Body 's Dial expression to a wireless type that can be done with smartphones and PCs. Information honda grom απώλεια βάρους the running Engine will be reflected on the screen of PC or smartphone at Real time. Rev limit function Engine upper limit can be honda grom απώλεια βάρους.

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Limiter It can be set with low rotation as it is an independent function apart from cut. You can use it effectively when you do not want to raise Engine rotation such as rebbing measures of Tuning engine honda grom απώλεια βάρους accustomed operation.

If you run with the smartphone etc. When Axel is opened quickly, the Rider judges that you want a quick acceleration, and asynchronous acceleration injection is performed in addition to the incremental injection set at the moment of opening Axel.

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You can set the same function as acceleration Pump of Racing cab. There are Tachometer screen and Throttle opening Graph screen which are very useful for setting. In vehicles without Tachometer, smartphones replace Tachometer. Digital output Service line It is 1Pulse 5Bolt for 1 rotation, it corresponds to many commercially available Digital tachometer etc.